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Our Story

The Idea

One evening, Voicipe’s Founder, Mike McCoy, was making meatloaf at home.  While following a recipe on his phone, he had to keep going back and forth to read the small text, his phone screen kept locking and turning off, and with his hands full of beef, he had to keep washing his hands to then unlock the phone to re-read the recipe steps.  He was very frustrated and asked himself, “Why can’t my phone just read me the recipe?!” and bingo, Voicipe was born.

Startup Weekend (San Francisco)
2nd Place Winner

While attending the Lean Startup Conference in 2016, Mike McCoy, Voicipe’s Founder participated in Startup Weekend from Techstars, and ended up winning 2nd place!

Startup School by Y Combinator

In Summer 2016 the world-renowned startup accelerator firm Y Combinator, who mentored the founders of some of the worlds most innovative startups (such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Instacart) created a new 10-week virtual mentoring program that taught new founders how to start a company.  Voicipe participated in the first virtual mentoring session and gained valuable experience networking with other startup founders.

DC iCorps @ GWU

Voicipe participated in the Fall 2017 2-week hypothesis testing course.  We interviewed 50 people to test whether our core assumptions were valid and that we were building a product that solves major pain points for users.

User Validation

With over 500 user surveys performed, we confirmed that Voicipe helps solve some of the most frustrating aspects of cooking.  These interviews helped guide our software development to focus on the most requested features.

Building & Prototyping

The Voicipe team specializes in performing rapid agile software development to build what users ask for.

Launch v1.0 for Android

In December 2018 we officially published Voicipe to Google Play!

Try Voicipe yourself!